XCIX: New Work – C.I.V.S. at Purdue University Calumet

Published on Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at 3:45 pm

CIVS at Purdue University Calumet

I’ve just begun work at the new C.I.V.S. (Center for Innovation Through Visualization & Simulation) facility as a webmaster & content developer at Purdue University Calumet. Just down the hall from my classes, I now have the opportunity to enter or leave from classes right into work for a few hours each weekday.

“C.I.V.S. is a multidisciplinary center that combines advanced simulation techniques with 3-D visualization and virtual reality technologies. Using the center’s resources, it is possible to see and interact with complex data in ways that are beneficial for experts, yet also understandable by audiences of many different backgrounds. The technology and resources at CIVS are currently being used to solve many different university research problems, industry issues, and community problems, as well as offering new possibilities for education and training.

-Mission statement

It’s a great opportunity for me to acquire experience in web managing while I continue to sharpen my skills in web design & development. The decisive factor which earned me this new job was my knowledge in WordPress. I never figured that teaching myself how to build and customize my own WordPress site two years ago would land me a job specializing in WordPress management for Purdue. I’m quite honored.

Here are a few photographs of the C.I.V.S. center.

CIVS front doors

CIVS front doors

CIVS front desk

CIVS logo

CIVS lobby

CIVS lobby

CIVS brochure "Visualize the future"

My work station

Purdue University Calumet logo

Want to know how I got the job? Last semester, the first semester C.I.V.S. opened at Purdue, around October towards November, my professor, Michael Alden Roller of AldenInformatics, had offerred me the position based on my good work ethics and attitude in the classroom. Not only was he impressed with my work towards web design & development, but he was also impressed with my online portfolio and that I learned how to build a custom WordPress theme from the ground up and manage it, courtesy of a brilliant video tutorial by Small Potato.

Since my professor recommended me to, Senior Research Scientist, John Moreland of C.I.V.S., I made the attempt to contact him via e-mail along with a pdf resume and portfolio. Sure enough, it wasn’t long until I got to follow up with him in person. Interestingly, I hadn’t heard from him since November of 2011, and last week I received an e-mail offerring me an interview for the webmaster position. So I attended the interview, got to meet everyone including the Director of C.I.V.S., Dr. Chenn Zhou, and got the job. I couldn’t be more happy right now.

On the C.I.V.S. website is an array of videos containing simulated constructs and objects such as the blast furnace and wind turbine. Here is just a snippet below:

You may want to click here to visit the C.I.V.S. website and play other videos.

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