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Hi, my name is Jamie Wayne. I'm a graphic designer and web designer, working with clients from Chicago to Los Angeles. My speciality is creating iconic, awe-inspiring logos and interactive, industry-leading websites. With an extensive background in computer graphics technology, branding and visual communications along with experience in the advertising and marketing fields, I continue to sharpen my skills and aim to deliver high quality creative. On my website, you will find my graphic design portfolio. Each portfolio piece includes a testimonial, courtesy of the client as well as a selection of samples that shows my work in brand identity, website design and branding. There is more information you can read on this page so please feel free to click on any number. Thanks and enjoy!

Jamie Wayne - Brand Identity Designer


A Short Story

I've been a freelance graphic designer since 2010 and I'm loving it. In the summer of 2010, I began my freelance career, working as a production designer for Aion Solutions, an environmental branding agency known for transforming facilities nationwide through custom murals, specialty signage, displays and more. I was honored to work with clients such as Giant Eagle, Burger King and the Art Institute of Chicago. A year and a half later, I moved on to work at the Center of Innovation through Visualization & Simulation (CIVS), a graduate research facility inside of Purdue University Calumet where I would begin exercising my website development abilities. While holding my position as webmaster for CIVS, I took on an internship at Ad Force Creative, an advertising agency and a year later I worked at IdeaSeat Marketing & Advertising for a summer. After the summer, I moved on to working with the United Way as a branding designer for their campaign events while working with Indiana University Health as a graphic designer and the Veteran Beer Company as a website designer and front-end developer.

Nspire Epicenter


Accolades & Associations

I hold a bachelor's degree of Computer Science in computer graphics technology from Purdue University Calumet with distinction and a Dean's Recommendation of Honors. My associations include the Special Interest Group of Graphics (SIGGRAPH), the Purdue University Marketing Association (PUMA), the Northwest Indiana Creative Professionals (NWI Creative) and the Northwest Indiana Leaders Young Professional Network (NWI Leaders). Because of my passion and dedication to these associations, I have successfully been able to expand my circle of connections beyond the horizon.

Jamie Wayne & Ron Delhaye
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Thank you for visiting my portfolio.

TEDxCountyLineRoad website


  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design

TEDxCountyLineRoad is Northwest Indiana’s first-ever TEDx event organized by a group of young professionals in Northwest Indiana. Joining the committee board as their creative director, I was responsible for conveying the TEDx theme and message visually. The idea behind the theme was to create a series of intersecting lines to emphasize a map of interaction. Perceptively, lines in this context are intended to be viewed as either roads to indicate ‘County Line Road’ (which the TEDx event was held at County Line Orchard on County Line Road), interaction from different walks of life and a blueprint of change and leading innovation in the Northwest Indiana community.


I was also responsible for the development of the website. A simple and intuitive user-interface was built to convey the concept to our audience digitally, to create a epicenter of information regarding speakers, sponsors, affiliates and committee members, to facilitate a ticket registration gateway and to offer a platform to recapture the experience through professional photos and video.

Ron Delhaye Studios - Discover Your Story Ron Delhaye Studios - Logo & Advertisement

Ron Delhaye Studios

  • Branding
  • Identity Design

As my first successful logo design, I have been fortunate to see the Ron Delhaye Studios logo garner a nation-wide audience and appear across a multitude of facets. When Ron Delhaye approached me for a concept & design, he expressed his photography business needed to be perceived professionally yet artistically with a touch of personality. The touch of personality was the use of the fleur-de-lis.


With my creative edge, I gave the fleur-de-lis a personal meaning, tying in Ron’s initials onto each side and creating a perfect ambigram. Combined with robust and elegant typography, I had given Ron Delhaye Studios a new face and personality, one that was sharp, intricate, professional and artistic.

Lauren Albanese Photography Lauren Albanese Photography website

Lauren Albanese Photography

  • Identity Design
  • Web Design

Growing as a starting photographer, I met with Lauren Albanese to discuss her logo mark and learned that her message was to capture the beauty in her audience. Throughout my research, I narrowed down the options into one solution, an elegant script that captured the beauty of the Lauren Albanese Photography vision. A ligature was made to initialize Lauren’s logo while maintaining it’s true value.


Within a couple of years, Lauren asked me to design and develop her official portfolio website. Upon her request, I designed a custom WordPress theme that incorporated the Lauren Albanese Photography brand look and feel and developed it to industry standards, giving it a clean and flexible layout that was responsive for both tablet and mobile devices. Lauren Albanese Photography has become a success where the logo has been applied through signage and wall murals.

INsight Design Conference program book INsight Design Conference - Welcome Flyer

INsight Design Conference

  • Graphic Design

I was honored to have the opportunity to work on the official program book for the INsight Design Conference and design a compelling front cover. Hailed as the de facto creative networking event, the front cover was designed to communicate with creatives from different backgrounds (Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Photographers, Artists, etc.) to include them in the creative community. Yet, the cover tells a deeper story for the creative, regardless of what speciality they’re in and are reminded that being a creative is a lifestyle, that creatives work with the same tools and models to do what they do best, every day.

United Way 5K Run, Walk, Roll medal United Way 5K Run, Walk, Roll Shirts & Photobooth

United Way of La Porte County

  • Identity Design

I was approached by the United Way of La Porte County to conceptualize and design an identity for their annual 5K Run, Walk & Roll. Their vision was to be perceived as one of the best, fun and memorable 5K events in Northwest Indiana. With this logo design, not only does it tell the story of a runner chasing towards the 5K mark, it also shows a connection between the running audience and the United Way through the use of their brand colors and typography.


Titled “Run United,” this logo design has given the 5K Run, Walk & Roll it’s own face and personality that evokes movement and energy. The logo has been used across printed banners, online advertisements, t-shirts, trophies, medals and photography backdrops.

Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital - Strength & Wellness Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital - Sports Medicine Campaign billboard

Indiana University Health

  • Billboard Design
  • Publication Design

Communicating to patients, colleagues and doctors, I was responsible for designing marketing & advertising materials for Indiana University Health La Porte & Starke Hospitals (IU Health La Porte & Starke Hospitals). Ranging from billboards to internal & external publications, I ensured the message of each creative piece tailored to the desired audience while reflecting the overall lifestyle look and feel that adheres to the Indiana University Health brand.


The Indiana University Health publications that I’ve worked with include the monthly IU Health Matters, quarterly Strength & Wellness, and Life & Times. I’ve also been involved as a graphic designer for Indiana University Health’s Orthopedics & Sports Medicine campaign and Heart & Vascular campaign.

Purdue University Marketing Association - Pursue Your Goals in Marketing Purdue University Marketing Association

Purdue University Marketing Association

  • Branding
  • Identity Design

As a Purdue University student, I was offered the opportunity to rebrand the Purdue University Marketing Association student organization. After ten years of a familiar face, I was asked to create a logo and brand look/feel that emphasized the marketing profession. Using Purdue’s black and gold brand colors, I gave the logo a sharp rise with the letter M. My concept was to emphasize that letter to identify the marketing organization and show the organization’s increase in student participants and the organizations connections and presence in the industry.


Upon the success of the rebranding, I’ve also contributed the design and development of the Purdue University Marketing Association’s official student organization website, as a custom designed WordPress theme along with several marketing materials including but not limited to: brochures, posters, fliers, application forms, etc.

Joseph Gonzalez

Joseph Gonzalez

Jamie is a professional and hard working individual. This was evident on his volunteer work for the INsight Design Conference. Jamie created the conference book, an extremely important staple of our event, and did an outstanding job with taking direction and creating the front cover to reflect our theme. Jamie is a driven individual that uses his passion for design to provide great working solutions.
Joseph Gonzalez
Joseph is a multi-disciplinary designer under the alias Miracletwentyone and founder of the INsight Design Conference.
Danielle Ziulkowski

Danielle Ziulkowski

Jamie is a creative and passionate designer who truly commits to his craft. He excels in brand recognition and logo development with a high level of attention to detail. As a writer and communications professional, I’ve witnessed directly how his technical knowledge of the web and comprehensive web design have positively helped his clients. Over the short amount of time I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jamie, I’ve watched him grow into a confident and talented individual who would be a great addition to any organization.
Danielle Ziulkowski
Danielle is a writer and public/media relations professional who specializes in brand journalism and brings a "brand voice" through consistent, interactive messaging and vivid storytelling.
Ron Delhaye

Ron Delhaye

When I decided to contact Jamie about creating a logo for my business and branding my name, I was very confident that he would produce work that I would be satisfied with, but I did not expect what I would be getting. The final product that Jamie furnished for me was nothing short of brilliant. The logo he designed for me not only represents myself and my business exactly how I envision it, but it also sends a message to my clients. Professional, elegant, unique, creative. These are all things that Jamie has successfully integrated into a design that is not just a logo but a message. He is outstanding at what he does and will surely be a well known name in the design industry. In the future, I will not hesitate to contact or refer Jamie for any graphic design or branding need.
Ron Delhaye
Ron is a wedding and senior portrait photographer, specializing in contemporary and commercial style photography.
OTIS Agency

Jeff King

Jamie is a very talented graphic and web designer. He has an extensive experience in design, branding and front-end development. I've used Jamie (via Creavo Media) on several projects and couldn't be more pleased with the results. He is detail oriented, user experience (UI/UX) focused and very easy to work with. Highly recommended.
OTIS Agency
Jeff is the principle of the OTIS Agency, a company specializing in web and mobile app development and e-commerce.
Amanda Ewing

Amanda Ewing

I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie on many projects throughout the past few years. He is an exceptional, dedicated designer with a true passion for his work. Most of my experience is with Jamie through the Purdue University Marketing Association where I serve as President. On many occasions I met Jamie, as a client would, to provide him with my needs in order for him to produce graphic design work. Not only is Jamie highly professional, but extremely thorough with a persistent attention to detail. He has always completed work ahead of schedule.

I would highly recommend Jamie. He will exceed your expectations time after time. Also, Jamie is truly a customer centric individual who will consistently go above and beyond to meet a client’s needs. His marketing knowledge paired with his design capabilities make him a perfect fit for this position and his drive to succeed, hard-working mentality would make him the perfect designer.
Amanda Ewing
Amanda is an national account executive at The Expo Group and serves as the president of the Purdue University Marketing Association.
Kasia Firlej

Kasia Firlej

I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with Jamie Wayne for about three years. Jamie has demonstrated outstanding creative and design skills while serving as a Purdue University Marketing Association Rebranding Manager. He proved to be a dependable team player and demonstrated a great eye for design and impressed us all with his tenacity and talent. Our Student Organization has increased its membership and has rebranded itself as a professional organization in large part thanks to Jamie's efforts.

You will find that Jamie is a "diamond in the rough" and has a lot of drive and passion for the field. Jamie's past work experience speaks to how diverse and well sought after his skills really are. I am convinced that Jamie is a very talented and hard-working individual and will be an excellent addition to your team and will bring some real value to the organization.
Kasia Firlej
Kasia is an international development consultant at Euro Med and a marketing professor at Purdue University Calumet, where she serves as the advisor of the Purdue University Marketing Association.
Devin Martin

Devin Martin

Jamie is an extraordinarily talented creative. I had the opportunity to work with Jamie on a couple of different jobs and every time he has consistently proven to deliver results. Results that my customers like and obviously results that I like. If you are reading this, chances are you just got done admiring his work. If you have an opportunity to incorporate Jamie into a design project… do it. I have been using him for two years now and it has paid dividends. Also, he is a pretty cool guy. Great work Jamie!
Devin Martin
Devin is a businessman and the founder of Creavo Media, a company that specializes in website development and e-commerce.
Lauren Albanese

Lauren Albanese

I am in love with my logo design by Jamie Wayne! So glad I chose him to do the job. After a thorough evaluation of likes, dislikes, dreams, and where I want to go with my company, he came up with the best design for ME- something my clients will know me by, and I feel best suits what I do. I love that. He’s very personable, professional, and takes his job of making my logo work for me, seriously.After his work was done, I had questions about how to use my design, and he quickly was available to meet with me, and make sure I understood how to put my new logo to work! Thank you, Jamie!! I will enjoy this design for years and years to come!!
Lauren Albanese
Lauren is a traveling fine art film wedding photographer, completely obsessed with beautiful light, and creating soft images that bring out the beauty in her audience.
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